Digital Q&A and Participant Surveys – JTI Case study

By Sandra Quaglia


Brand Activation reg badges1In seeking to cultivate a company culture with employees at its center, JTI was seeking ways to transmit its new values, primarily that of employee inclusion. In that respect, employees are not only to be appreciated as individuals but also valued as significant contributors, with a stake in every facet of the company.

When planning its new series of employee events, JTI wanted to make employee engagement a theme that went Read More

Why you should love registration

registrationLet’s be honest for a moment: Registration is to the event landscape what accounting is to the office- Something everyone needs but no one gets excited by. Simply put, event registration will never be the rock star.

But rather than a necessary inconvenience, let’s take a different approach. Let’s pretend that registration is an opportunity to set the stage and create anticipation.  (I know what you are thinking, but humor me for a moment).

Registration is often the first face to face interaction participants will have with your event. With a few little hints, you can use it to Read More

A Smarter Way of Doing Trade-Shows

Checking In at Supplier Booths, for Credit

Afflink uses Poken at its Preferred Buyer trade-shows to allow Buyers to track visits to Supplier booth, gaining credit for connecting with Exhibitors


  •  42% reduction in paper and energy consumption measured by the organizer
  •  61’000 digital business-card exchanges
  •  12’360 meetings scheduled and tracked using digital tags and pokens
  •  Green Metric: Afflink can boast being closer to its goal of running sustainable events

The client

Afflink is one of the biggest and most successful member-driven sales & marketing
organizations, linking Preferred Suppliers to the largest group of Distributors found anywhere in the marketplace. Through its tradeshows, Afflink connects its members according to their business objectives, Read More