Digital Q&A and Participant Surveys – JTI Case study

By Sandra Quaglia


Brand Activation reg badges1In seeking to cultivate a company culture with employees at its center, JTI was seeking ways to transmit its new values, primarily that of employee inclusion. In that respect, employees are not only to be appreciated as individuals but also valued as significant contributors, with a stake in every facet of the company.

When planning its new series of employee events, JTI wanted to make employee engagement a theme that went Read More

We love event apps, but are they your only engagement solution?

engagement (1)Technology in the event space is booming and everything in its path is either getting picked up and transformed into a digital application or becoming a figment of the past. Mobile apps are no exception.  The days of people scrambling to find a ‘lost’ show catalogue or finding someone who actually knows what is going on at the event are numbered. Now visitors can get most event information on their mobile devices, (granted they are using a smartphone or tablet, have Wi-Fi, and have downloaded it).

But this is not enough. Event professionals want Read More

Case Study: Real time meetings tracking at US Department of Veteran Affair’s National Veterans Small Business Engagement

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 20.04.19The US Department of Veteran Affair’s National Veterans Small Business Engagement is an annual 3-day event that aims to bring together veteran owned companies, and government procurement decision makers. Over 3,800 participants met in Atlanta, from the 9th to the 11th December 2014 for the event. The US Department of Veteran Affairs had the challenge of bringing the most value to the Read More

Knowledge Tracking at Sales Training Events

Every Sales Manager will tell you that knowledge is power and that product knowledge is paramount to making a sale. One of the greatest challenges faced by retail and consumer companies is empowering there staff with the most up to date product knowledge and training.

The combination of touch communication, digital content sharing and continuous support via an online web portal has made Read More

International Liver Congress: What the doctors prescribe for a great event

ILC 1For the second consecutive year, Poken catered to the International Liver Congress (ILC), as more than 10 000 international doctors and industry professionals gathered at the ExCel Center in London. Their objective: to network, and to discover the latest trends in their industry by attending talks and visiting the exhibit floor. Poken was there to facilitate the networking and digital document exchange, a core service aimed at helping everyone get the most out of their investment.

Some key metrics:

– More than 9000 professionals were equipped with a Poken Spark, their key Read More

Introducing pokenEVENT – the Ultimate Solution for Events and Promotions

Lift Social Business Card

Big news folks! Today we are introducing our first service offering, called pokenEVENT!

A pokenEVENT is a customizable event package that includes a mix of physical devices (pokens), a branded social business card, a branded networking platform (the Poken Member Hub), full post-event analytics, and more.

We built pokenEVENT specifically for event organizers, and the equation is simple: Poken improves networking at the events and helps them stand out in a crowded event space. Improved networking = greater customer satisfaction. The result: Increased repeat attendance, stronger word of mouth, and an additional compelling sponsorship opportunity!
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