This is Marco

marco_play‘Being an event manager is easy. It’s like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire. You’re on fire. Everything is on fire and you’re in hell’.

I discovered this colourful quote on a T-shirt being advertised in my side bar, when I was searching visa requirements and flights to Mongolia, 48 hours before I was expected to touch down in Ulaan Baatar. (Side note: Yes, Poken has been to Mongolia).

One of the defining characteristics of our industry, is how quickly best-laid plans can be shattered by small, last minute changes. And in turn, how quickly event professionals need to be able to evaluate and react. This is the stuff that drives real professionals and event companies. There is a large price though, for this dynamic and often crazy environment. And that is that balls will get dropped. With such limited control over circumstance, it often feels like nothing can be depended upon.

This is Marco.

In a space defined by chaos, Marco is the event professional’s life jacket. Focused, calm and reliable, he is Poken’s senior hardware engineer, and is responsible for the team that invents, designs, and produces just about everything to do with Poken’s suite of digital event devices.

For, whatever the other possible challenges faced day to day in the event space, (no Wi-Fi, last minute keynote speaker changes, the list continues), Poken always works. And this is something that event organizers and planners can bank on. This is also what makes an event delivered by Poken stand out.

Marco is focused and evaluative by nature. He considers the possible challenges clients may come across, months if not years before anyone else even realizes it could be a problem. He ensures that when our team of event professionals is on site, clients have nothing to worry about. (Still no Wi-Fi? No worries. Most of Poken’s digital event services can work without it. You don’t have the speaker list? Again, nothing to stress over, we can add that information later without disruption, so no one will miss out on collecting the session slides you have planned for them. Last minute booth design change? Don’t stress, Our Touchpoints are dynamic and adjustable. We can work with whatever design you wish. Problems solved).

In short, Poken events are dependable. And Marco is one of the stars responsible for this.

Oh, and the others in this short video are also part of the Poken team, including our CEO.  Because events are also about having fun.


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