True sensation at the Mini Event in Japan !

On November the 16th 2010, the Mini Cooper lovers from all over Japan gathered in Sodegaura, a town right on the other side of Tokyo Bay, to celebrate their common passion they all share for the Mini Cooper cars.

More than 2000 Mini Cooper owners attended the event which turned out to be a real blast. The organizers set up a race track where the Mini drivers could go wild with their awesome cars.
Of course Poken was present and in what a great way. The organizers gave away custom Pokens to all the attendees (see picture on the right). Their reactions were beyond expectation – they were constantly pokening and having a great time about it.
The event also offered other things to experience – there were various stands offering good food, different contests, music and of course lots of Mini Coopers to stare at and admire.

The Mini buyers in Japan, will, from now on, receive welcome packages with their new cars. In it they will find an informative history book of Mini and a specially designed Poken with a great explanation manual on what Poken is and how to use it, all of this of course comes in the sleek black mini colors.

They can also take full advantage of the member hub, which includes a flash movie with links to follow Mini on twitter, YouTube and mixi, which is Japan’s biggest SNS with 20 million members. Poken also started support of Minkara, a car lover SNS in Japan, especially for Mini, resulting in many blogs about Mini, the Sodegaura event and Poken.

What an awesome start for the new connection between Poken and Mini!

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