Where experience matters- Poken, Quickmobile and Lumi team up to rock IMEX 2016

poken and qm busyColossal stands, minute details. Full schedules, empty stomachs. Late nights, early mornings. New insights and old friends. Even though it seems like an age ago, IMEX looms ever present in the minds of event profs, of all shapes and sizes.

So many participants responsible for so much budget. It’s a sure thing. So why jeopardize the exhibitor presence? Why not take the traditional route-the safe route? At the centre of innovation is risk. Not just talking about it, but walking the walk.

This year in Frankfurt, Poken along with Quickmobile and Lumi, ventured into something a little different. Rather than a traditional exhibition stand, three of the hottest companies in the event space decided to collaborate. Our mantra- Where experience matters.

poken and qm friendsThe philosophy was simple, yet elegant: every event is an experience. Whether it be creating live audience engagement, fostering networking and social interaction, or gaining richer insights into participants, technology will play a crucial role. The objective of the collaboration was equally as simple: to educate, and gain insights into the evolving needs of event professionals, so we can continue to create truly transformative event experiences, whatever they may be.

It was a statement to the industry-. Not just another tech company. But rather, the people you immediately think of when you want to create richer experiences and engagement for events.

Was it positive. In short. Yes. Richer discussions, greater presence, and a lot more fun. More so, it’s a testament that companies can and should collaborate for the greater good of the organizers needs. It is beyond closing a deal. This is how relationships are forged and good business is done.

poken imex 16 entire booth








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